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Williamson Greenhouse has been in the business of selling greenhouses and greenhouse supplies for over 30 years. Our business was built on dependable service and customer satisfaction. Today it is still run the same way. We carry only the highest quality products that you can depend on working properly when put in the field. We have greenhouses from hobby size to commercial sizes. We can custom build a greenhouse to fit your every need no matter what size you need. When you think of Greenhouse or Greenhouse Supplies call Williamson Greenhouse first. Save yourself some time and money by contacting us first. We are your one stop shopping place for anything greenhouse related. Safisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Please give us a call! We have what you need in stock.

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The Lannen RT-20 roulette transplanter is capable of planting vegetable, tobacco and tree seedlings. The Lannen RT-20 has a unique spike-belt design for supporting the plants in the ground. This gives the Lannen RT-20 versatility over all other planters. The RT-20 handles both big and small seedlings as well as dense and wide plant spacings.
Impartial studies have found the Lannen RT-20 to be superior in performance and planting quality. Lannen RT-20's can be set up from individual units according to the customer's requirements. The planting capacity is 3000-5000 seedlings/hour/unit, depending on conditions.
The GreenGro's patent-pending design combines advanced performance and superior fuel efficiency to reduce energy costs and grow profits. Unlike conventional vented heaters that exhaust 20% of heated air straight out the stack, the GreenGro converts 99+% of its fuel into clean heat energy. So you get more heated air into the house per fuel dollar. With the GreenGro, fully enclosed electronic controls, gas valve and motor are standard. There's no expensive heat exchanger to fix or replace. Safety features include a totally enclosed flame, built-in temperature protection and air flow safety devices. With heat treated corrosion resistant components and a heavy gauge steel cabinet, GreenGro heaters offer a comprehensive one-year product warranty plus a 10-year warranty against heat chamber and case corrosion. With over 50 years of environmental heating experience, L.B. White offers you the products quality, technical expertise and friendly customer support you can count on to help you design a safe, durable and more fuel efficient way to heat your greenhouse. To make installation easy, L.B. White offers several preassembled ventilation equipment packages. Or, you can purchase your own ventilation equipment.


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